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Low_Res_DSC07641_ProvidenceMS Providence
2002 Black & White  Broodmare
14.2 hands
Registered GVHS #GV04393P
Parentage:  Royal Cash x Foundation Stock Mare from England
Exquisite mare... She is one of my elite broodmares.  Easy to breed, textbook pregnancies and deliveries.  Proven broodmare.  Long curly mane and feather and grows a mustache.  Purchased her for $28k 8-9 years ago.  Her feathering is so thick... this is the stuff gypsy dreams are made of!  She is not broke to ride.  Providence was imported from England.
MS Romero
2009 Black & White Gelding
14.2 hands
Registered GVHS # GV04394P
Parentage:  Lars x MS Providence
Romero was a breeding stallion for a season or two.  He was gelded in 2016 because I no longer wanted to breed.  He's gorgeous and the sweetest guy.  Rom is green broke to ride.  He just needs miles put on him.  He grows the most amazing curly feather, mane and forelock.  He's a perfect example of a traditional cob.  A solid, thick gypsy with a mellow temperament, lots of hair, and a great apple bottom!  Rom is a grandson to the Lion King (Lars is the Lion King's son) and out of our imported mare, Providence (see above).  

MS Cerulean 
2007 Black & White  Broodmare
Two Blue Eyes
15.0 hands
Registered GVHS # GV03897P
Parentage:  The P.O. x MS Providence
Cera is an absolute breathtaking presence of a Gypsy Mare.  She commands your attention with her size and massive amounts of hair EVERYWHERE!  She is as heavily feathered as they get with the most amazing mane.  Cera, pronounced Sarah, is so easy to handle and work with in hand, on the ground, for farriers/vets, and under saddle.  She is a proven broodmare that is easily bred and has textbook deliveries.  Cera was started under saddle and currently getting miles under her belt.  She is very easy to ride and her trot is super smooth.
DSC04652_Perseus MS Perseus
2011 Red & White Gelding

Percy is broke to ride and lovable boy.  He has a mane to die for and is just easy.  He does pine to be with the mares because he's just sooo in love with them, even though he's never been with a girl in his life.  Something about the grass must be greener on the other pasture.  I don't know.  Anyhoo... he's a great boy, easy to work with and is looking for his forever human.  If you think you could be his potential soul mate please give me a call.  I'd like him to have that undivided attention that he so deserves.  Here are a few more pics of him and some more details.  He's a BIG guy.  15.2h  His sire is Clononeen Shamrock and his dam is MS Tori.  Shamrock was imported from Ireland and Tori was imported from England.  He's UTD on everything:  dental, vaccinations, farrier, worming.  He is a great boy.  No vices.  He's great trailering... he's been down and up to Florida from MN twice.  Eats and drinks like a trooper in the trailer - wish they all were so easy!  He would make an exceptional trail riding buddy which is what we spent all summer training him to do.


Izabel_trot_lower_resMS Izabel
2008 Solid Black with 4 white socks Mare

Izabel is beautiful, sassy, athletic, super smart and refuses to stay in the mares pastures.  Oh no, this Houdini insists on being with the geldings.  She is an alpha mare and will let all the girls know and as long as they acquiesce life is great.  Despite her sass - she is sweet as pie with humans and loves attention.  She is the most forward gypsy I've ever had in my barn.  She likes to GO!  So she's not for someone who has never had horses or wants something dead - this is NOT your girl.  If you've had horses AT ALL in your life and are comfortable with horses then she's a piece of cake.  I just don't want her going to a complete novice because it would be a bad combination as she needs a herd leader with her human partner.  She would make an AWESOME show pony or if someone wanted to jump or whatever - she would be great!  She doesn't have any vices, never been injured or sick.  Her mane is so THICK... gives your hand a workout brushing that massive amount of hair! 


Low_Res_DSC07445_Lace_by_Fence_2Gypsy Lace
2003 Black and White Mare

Lace is more beautiful than the photos.  She is my stunningly gorgeous gypsy mare.  We bought her to be one of our elite foundation broodmares and show mares.  She is well broke to ride.  Easy to handle.  She moves beautifully as well.  I honestly can't say enough wonderful things about this mare.  She's vice-free,  UTD on everything, a super easy keeper, great feet, Alpha mare, textbook pregancies, super easy to get bred, and has phenomenal foals.  Yeah, she's pretty spectacular; the perfect gypsy mare.  Did I mention her bountiful tail and white mane/forelock?  If you want a show stopper - look no further.


MS Eros (Means God of Love)
2014 Black & White Gelding
14.2 hands
Registration:  Needs to be registered
Parentage:  MS Zeke x MS Cerulean
Eros is the grandson of the famous P.O. Stallion in England!  He has a heart shape on the back of his right leg which is why we named him Eros.  He's such a love too!  A beautiful traditional gypsy cob.  He needs to be started under saddle as he just turned 3 in 2017.  He is great for the vet, farrier, etc.  He's ready to be someone's everything!  He's done his time as a pasture ornament, grown up, and is now ready for training!
SOLD / MS Sophia
2011 Black and White Mare
Broke to ride, Maiden Mare
$12,000 - SOLD
Sophia is an amazing mare - she has the most incredible looks coupled with fantastic movement.  If someone wanted to do dressage with a gypsy, this is it!  She's smart, highly trainable and talented.  She is also like most gypsies incredibly sweet.  She is an absolute love.  She is broke to ride and looking for someone to take her to the next level or down the trail.  You'll definitely turn heads with this girl.  She's gorgeous.  Sophia is out of our mare Gypsy Lace and by our stallion, Clononeen Shamrock. 
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