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Moving the horses to our Florida Farm for the Dressage Training and Showing season in Florida!
August 27
KWPN NA Kuer - Our little Colt, Luca got 76 for Conformation and 78 for movement making him the 4th highest scoring Dressage Foal in the USA,  a First Premium, and First at that keur!!!  What an honor!  He is so uphill and elegant.  Judges told us NOT to geld him.  To be continued... :)

July 22
Our KWPN mare Zancerre (Sir Sinclair x Jazz) is 20 days confirmed PREGNANT by Olympic FERRO!!!!!  She is due June 7, 2017!

June 3
Our final Gypsy foal was born by Clononeen Shamrock and our "the P.O. Stallion from England's duaghter, Cerulean.  It was a beefy black and white colt that we named Shamrock's Finale.  We call him Fin.  He is Luca's best friend and they will be spending their growing up years in my pasture as a modern day Laurel and Hardy... No two more unlikely pairs - my furry chunky black and white gypsy colt and his best pal, the bay refined long legged elegant Luca! lol

May 9
Our newly imported KWPN mare,
Zancerre foaled a gorgeous colt by the 2013 KWPN Champion stallion, Franklin!!  His name is LUCA and he's the most long legged elegant beastie ever! 

April 23

RECIPIENT Mare is confirmed  21 days PREGNANT!!!!  My show mare, KWPN Ster mare, Dante (Santano X Welt Hit II) bred to KWPN stallion, Bordeaux!  Beyond Ecstatic!!!  ET (Embryo Transfer) mare, Winnie the Tiger, is due March 10, 2017!!!

Feb 22-23
Had the priviledge to ride under the coaching of  Conrad Schuhmacher for a special 2 day clinic.  Phenomenal!

February 6-7
We will be competing at the Florida Horse Park at the Jubilee Dressage Competition.  Our trainer and rider, Darren Chiacchia, will be riding our Dutch mare, Celine, in her first Prix St. George class!  Lisa will be riding Dante at 2nd level and her first Third level test!
January Clinician:  Jessica Ransehousen from Blue Hill Farm in PA
For more info:  www.BlueHillFarmPA.com
Week long lessons were beyond fantastic.  Jessica is a true master! 
January 2-3 competed at:
Twice as Nice Dressage 1 at Canterbury Showplace
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